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K&W Cafeteria's Southern Chocolate Pie Copycat Recipe

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The K&W Cafeteria is a staple establishment in North Carolina and Virginia, and they serve some of the best Southern food. K&W is a cafeteria style restaurant where you have the ability to select from several salads, meats, vegetables/sides, breads, and desserts. I have the fondest memories going to the K&W to have dinner with my family. The closest location to us was in Goldsboro, NC in the Berkeley Mall. That location is now permanently closed but there are still locations open in the NC and VA area. The K&W Cafeteria was a great place to go to get a wholesome Southern meal that tasted like someone grandmother made the entire spread. If you live further South, there is a similar restaurant called Piccadilly that has the same concept. My favorite dessert at K&W was their Southern Chocolate Pie. As a chocoholic, this pie is a 10 out of 10. The filling is cooked on the stove similar to a lemon meringue pie. This pie is served at the K&W with a homemade whipped cream, but you could also top it with homemade meringue as well. This is a delicious pie to make for any summer gathering. See below for the full recipe. If you try it, make sure to tag me on social media @spilling_the_sweettea.

The full recipe is now in my new cookbook titled Memories on a Plate: Southern Recipes I Learned from my Mama. Click the link below to order a copy.

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