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Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits

I can’t believe this is my first post of 2024 😩 Of course, I have shared many recipes on my social media but I haven’t had the chance to write out and share recipes on my food blog. I am excited that these biscuits are kicking off this year even if it is already the month of April 😆 I saw a version of these biscuits on Tik Tok and I had to recreate them using Miss Lena’s Buttermilk Biscuit Mix. I love a good savory biscuit, and these DO NOT miss. Below is the recipe. If you want more biscuit recipes, grab a copy of my cookbook Memories on a Plate: Southern Recipes that I Learned from my Mama. The cookbook is on sale until tomorrow April 8th! The link to order the cookbook is below.

Ingredients for Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits

1 -2 jalapeños, seeded and finely diced

1 cup of cheddar cheese

1 stick of frozen butter, grated

1 cup of buttermilk

Directions to Make Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits

  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

  2. In a large bowl or in a Miss Lena’s biscuit bowl, add the biscuit mix.

  3. Add diced jalapeños and cheese and mix well.

  4. Grate in butter and mix well until fully combined.

  5. Mix in half of the buttermilk and combine until mixed well.

  6. Add remaining buttermilk mix until the mixture has formed a dough.

  7. On a floured surface, add dough.

  8. Using a floured rolling pin, roll out the dough into a rectangle and then fold. Turn the dough clockwise and roll out the dough again.

  9. Repeat the roll and fold process for at least 5-6 times. Try to maintain the dough in a rectangle.

  10. Once your dough has visible layers, use a cutter to cut dough into rectangles. You can cut them in to rounds if you like.

  11. Place biscuits on a greased baking tray. Brush with an egg wash. Top with a bit more cheese and a thin slice of jalapeño.

  12. Bake for 13-15 mins or until golden brown.

  13. While the biscuits are still warm, brush with melted butter and ENJOY!

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