Coffee Can Sweet Potato Bread

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Since social media went crazy over my mom‘s sweet potato biscuit recipe, I figured I would start a sweet potato recipe series for my followers. I LOVE sweet potatoes and I could eat them every day. With the holiday season approaching, this sweet potato bread recipe is perfect to make for Thanksgiving or to give away as gifts for the holiday season. I have to pay homage to the sweet lady who inspired me to share this recipe. Ms. Romona was a dear family friend and also the secretary at my family's small business for 19 years. During the holiday season, Ms. Romona would bake every staff member and my parents sweet potato bread. Her sweet potato bread was always so moist and delicious and very unique because she would bake her bread in old coffee cans. She would wrap each circular loaf in foil and put a bow it as a gift to us. My dad loved her sweet potato bread and would enjoy a little piece each morning with a cup of coffee. It was a bit difficult to find an old school coffee can because the majority of the coffee cans in the grocery store today are made of plastic. You must use a metal one and if you really want it to look like the ones that Ms. Romano would bake then the can must have rings around the inside of the can. The brand of coffee that I was able to find that resembled the ones she would use was the Cafe du Monde brand. I truly hope you enjoy this recipe and share it with your family and friends this holiday season. If you can't find a metal coffee can, you can certainly bake the bread in loaf pans. I can't wait to share more sweet potato recipes with you in the next few weeks.

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