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vbs or .exe. In reality, it is a customized Power Tools version of the [TestFX]( tool used to simulate a user's actions on a Windows application running in a virtual machine. Its purpose is to provide an easy way to automate the testing of Windows applications on different operating systems. WinRunner is used by its developer, [Pepse-T]( to test all of his programs, but it is also used to test all of the third-party programs developed by its developers. WinRunner can test the following applications: - **Dolibarr** - The financial software developed by [Dolibarr]( - **SOPCAS** - Software to organize and control sessions of the Spanish Soccer League - **TeamViewer** - A remote control software developed by [TeamViewer]( - **VS Code** - A file manager developed by [Microsoft]( - **Transmew** - This is a tool developed by [Noidea]( for testing the transmission of messages. This software also supports [RTC]( and [Capacitor]( You can see a complete list of supported applications at [this page]( [![screenshot]( ## Install WinRunner WinRunner can be installed with Docker, with the following commands: ```bash # Install WinRunner inside a Docker container $ docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/var/www/html/pepset/winrunner \n -p 8000:80 \n -p 9100:9100 \n -p 4321:4321 \n -p 6001




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