Our blackberry jam is the perfect addition to your charcuterie board this holiday season. We use fresh blackberries, fresh lemon juice, and butter in addition to sugar to make our blackberry preserves. We highly recommend pairing our jam with goat cheese or brie cheese or it can be used to make your own fruit flavored yogurt, shaken into a cocktail and even used on top of a creamy dessert.


Our raspberry preserves has one key ingredient that brings out the fruity essence of the raspberry which is Chambord liqueur. We use fresh raspberries and a small amount of Chambord liquor in addition to sugar to make our raspberry preserves. The combination of the three gives you the most robust flavor of the fruit and the perfect balance of sweet and tartness. Our raspberry preserves can be used on English muffins or toast, baked on some brie, added to a cocktail or even used in Stuffed French Toast.

Two Jams & A Book- Leave a note on which two flavors

  • Fresh blackberries, sugar, pectin and butter 

    Fresh raspberries, sugar, Chambord liqueur, and pectin