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Grinch Shots

It's Day 3 of Christmas Recipes with Spillng the Sweet Tea and to make the holiday sesaon merry and bright...I am sharing an easy holiday cocktail recipe. These Grinch Shots are perfect to serve at your holiday party! I made them this past weekend for my holiday party and they were a hit! I prepared them in advance of my party so the shots were cold.

You only two ingredients to make these shots. If you want to make them festive, add some holiday sprinkles around the rim of the shot glasses. I purchased a shot dispenser to make enjoying the shots more fun. I will link it below.

Ingredients Needed to Make Grinch Shots

3 cups of Pineapple Malibu Rum

3 cups of Green Rush Berry Hawaiian Punch

Holiday sprinkles

Corn syrup

Directions to Make Grinch Shots

  1. Pour corn syrup onto a plate. Add holiday sprinkles to a bowl.

  2. Lightly dip rim of shot glass into the corn syrup and then into the sprinkles. Set aside.

  3. In a pitcher, add rum and green Hawaiian Punch. Mix well. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Below is the link to the shot glass dispenser. I liked it because the shot glasses were actual glass.

For more holiday cocktail recipes, grab a copy of my holiday ebook Home for the Holidays. The ebook also has recipes like Miss Romana's Sweet Potato Bread, my mom's Apple Walnut Raisin Cake, Cranberry Sangria, Honey Glazed Jerk Lambchops and more!

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