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Frozen Mango Daiquris with Tajin Rim

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

I was on a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when I first experienced freshly sliced mango with Tarjin sprinkled on top. From the day on, I was hooked! If you are mango lover and enjoy the taste of the spice Tarjin, then you would love these frozen mango daiquiris. I love this combination and so I turned it into a cocktail. You only need some Malibu rum and Triple Sec to make these daiquris. Below is the recipe.

2 cups of frozen mango chunks

2 oz of Malibu Rum

1 oz of Triple Sec

1 lime, juiced

1 teaspoon of sugar

Tarjin spice

  1. Add the mango chunks to a blender or Nutribullet

  2. Pour in the rum and triple sec

  3. Add the juice of one lime and sugar

  4. Blend until smooth

  5. Coat the rim of the glass in lime juice and dip the rim of the glass in the Tarjin spice.

  6. Pour the daiquiri in the glass and enjoy!

This Tajin Seasoning is perfect to have especially if you are going to make these daiquiris for a crowd!

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